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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers below to many questions previously asked by our customers.


What Flavours of Patties Do You Sell?

We have a wide selection of delicious patties to choose from! We have seven different flavours to choose from, including meat and vegetable selections; Mutton, Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Salt-Fish, Salt-Fish and Callaloo and Callaloo.

Do You Have Options For Vegans and Vegetarians?

Yes, we have options for both Vegetarian, Vegan, and now, Pescatarian customers. Choose from the Vegetable, Salt-Fish, Callaloo or Saltfish and Callaloo patties.

Can You Customise Your Recipe To Suit Special Catering Requirements?

Certainly! Our patties have a delicious, spicy elemental taste to them, and although many customers like spicy, hot food, we understand there may be some that like low to medium spices.
Therefore our patties reflect the wider range of taste satisfaction. If you require your patties to be of a more hot and spicy, (or even less spicy taste), please inform us of this when you place your order, and we will be more than happy to make amendments to your requirements.

Do You Sell Cocktail Patties Aswell As The Regular Sized Patties?
Yes. Our cocktail patties are available for the entire range of patties we sell. We sell them in quantities of twelve and twenty-four, (one and two dozen). Cocktail patties are perfect for parties, functions and luncheons. In addition, they make a perfect lunchtime snack, especially for children’s lunchboxes.

I Run A Food Establishment and Want To Stock Your Patties. Can I Try Samples Before I Place A Large Order?
Indeed we can help! If you are a trade customer with a shop, cafe or other food establishments, and would like to stock our products, we would be more than happy to bake special samples for you to try prior to placing an order with us. Just get in touch with us on our order line, with details of the sample(s) you require, your company contact details and arrange a suitable time to come to see you.

How Much Do You Charge For Your Patties?
Our patties are competitively priced for each product and are priced by the dozen. Prices are also customised, dependant on customer requirement, such as whether you require to purchase our professional wrapping service for trade customers. Please contact us today and ask to speak with Mr Tom Arscott, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you, and provide a quote based on those requirements.