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History of Tasty Pastry

Where It All Started

Tasty Pastry was founded in 2002 by two brothers with over twenty years experience in the food industry, a passion for creating traditional, delicious Jamaican food, and a mission to bring the true Caribbean experience to the UK.


Many years ago, our Mother, (an absolutely wonderful Jamaican woman, with a heart of gold, and an awesome cook!), used to bake her own Jamaican patties for her family. She used a traditional Jamaican recipe, to cook many fillings, all with the finest ingredients, and created astoundingly uniquely tasting patties.

She later handed that same recipe, (as a closely guarded secret), down to us, her family, and taught us how to bake our own Jamaican patties. We would often bake patties for our friends and family, and over time, quickly realised, there was a need out there for a certain type of pattie.

We would often hear people commenting on how some of the Jamaican patties they had tasted in the UK, had pastry that was either too hard, or the fillings did not taste quite, what they had imaged.

We took this on board and decided our immediate mission was to create a Pattie that eliminated all the problems our friends had experienced with Patties from other bakers. There had to be a solution.

So we began testing, testing and testing, building upon the foundations already created by our mother in the original recipe. We wanted to perfect what could clearly become our own unique product.

The filling was perfected through many areas of testing, (and tasting!). Over a period of several months, the product filling was almost perfect for trade. And so, the only step left to take to make our patties 100% perfect, was to perfect the pastry.

And yes, after further trials and testing, we had accomplished our goal to create our own, unique products. Our own Tasty Pastry Jamaican Style Patties.

That was over ten years ago, and seven wonderful, (and counting,) flavours later, Tasty Pastry is still on the mission to add further lines to the Tasty Pastry range, and will continue to ‘test and perfect’ our products to continue to give our customers quality patties, still ‘baked with the finest, quality ingredients’!

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