My blog | Why Tasty Pastry?
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Why Tasty Pastry?

A Unique Pattie Bringing The Taste of Jamaica to England.

Many customers have told us that our Patties are the best they have tasted in the country.


Tasty Pastry Trade was founded in 1999 by two brothers with a mission to create a unique Pattie bringing the taste of Jamaica to England. We wanted to give our customers ‘A True Caribbean Experience’.

Tasty Pastry Trade is a family run business, and to us, our customers are also our family. Our customers are stockists of Tasty Pastry patties who run establishments that sell traditional, Jamaican food, to individual customers.

At Tasty Pastry in Birmingham, we bake all of our Patties, fresh, daily, and cook all of our delicious fillings, using the finest, freshest, ingredients and spices at our bakery in Winston Green, Birmingham. We invite many of our prospective customers to try our patties before purchasing for their food stores, cafe’s or other eateries.

When we founded Tasty Pastry Trade in 1999, there was no doubt in our minds, that we would use the recipe handed down through the generations in our family. Over the years, and through experience, we have built upon those foundations and created many delicious fillings using the finest ingredients and spices, (and developed a unique, mouth-watering flaky pastry to complement those delicious fillings)!

We have had many of our customers tell us that our Patties are the best they have tasted in the country. We have even had customers tell us our patties surpass those they have tasted in Jamaica! We are passionate about providing our customers with exceptional quality products and service. Therefore. our products will continue to be perfected to maintain the standards expected by our customers.